10 Ways to Copa Dew:

Copa Dew is a versatile beauty essential that can be used in countless ways for your face, body, and hair. Whether you're seeking irresistibly smooth skin, a natural glow, or nourished hair, Copa Dew has got you covered. Here, we'll explore ten creative ways to incorporate Copa Dew into your beauty routine, allowing you to experience its nourishing benefits in various ways.

For Body: 

1) As a body oil: Apply post-shower, following the Hand & Body Wash, for luxuriously smooth skin and a captivating layered fragrance. Massage Copa Dew over damp skin in circular motions to boost hydration and enhance skin suppleness. 

2) Together with your Lotion: Mix a few drops with the Hand & Body Lotion for extra nourishment, especially on dry areas like your knees, elbows, and feet. 

3) As a fragrance oil: Dab Copa Dew as a light fragrance oil on your pulse points to envelop yourself in a comforting scent that boosts positive emotions. 

4) As a cuticle oil: Pamper your cuticles by using Copa Dew as a nourishing cuticle oil, to help improve the health and appearance of your nails.

5) As a bath oil: Add a couple of drops of Copa Dew into your bath for a nourishing and indulgent bath oil experience. 


For Face: 

6) As a face oil: Apply Copa Dew directly on your face for a natural, hydrated glow, or mix it into your favourite face cream to enhance its nourishing properties.

7) For lymphatic drainage: Incorporate Copa Dew into your skincare routine by using it with your favourite gua sha or facial roller to aid lymphatic drainage and promote a healthy complexion. 

8) As a shaving oil, beard and brows oil: Enjoy the soothing benefits of Copa Dew by using it as a shave oil, reducing itchiness, and providing a healthy sheen to your beard and brows.   


For Hair: 

9) As a hair oil: Tame frizz and lock in moisture by applying 1-2 drops of Copa Dew to the dry ends of your hair, leaving it with a beautiful shine. 

10) As a pre-shampoo oil: Revitalize your hair by using Copa Dew as a pre-shampoo treatment. Apply to dry hair, leave it on for at least five minutes (or overnight for best results), then rinse well before shampooing.

For various hair types:

Experiment with multiple methods to discover your favourite, but here's what our customers adore: those with coarse hair often use it as a final styling step, leaving their hair fragrant and silky-smooth. Meanwhile, customers with fine hair prefer applying it as a leave-in treatment before air-drying or as a 10-minute mask for nourishment and silky-smooth locks.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilising the versatility of Copa Dew. Whether you choose to indulge in its hydrating properties for your body, achieve a radiant complexion for your face, or nourish and style your hair, Copa Dew delivers exceptional results. Embrace the creativity and personalize your beauty routine with these ten ways to incorporate Copa Dew into your daily regimen.