Our Responsible Practices:

Explore our sustainability practices and values at Herlum. To us, sustainability is about preserving the present without compromising the future.

UPCYCLED FRAGRANCE: Our signature Sandalwood & Grapefruit scent in the Hand & Body Wash and Lotion is upcycled from floral waste through an eco-friendly enzymatic process with salt and water, while our White Tea & Cedarwood scent in Copa Dew Oil uses upcycled apple oil, minimising the need for new materials.
RECYCLED OCEAN-BOUND BOTTLES: Crafted from recycled PET collected from global riverbanks, our bottles not only prevent plastic pollution but also support micro-entrepreneurship in several regions.

ETHICALLY-SOURCED BRAZILIAN INGREDIENTS: We partner with a leading supplier for Amazonian ingredients, promoting sustainable development while empowering over 2,500 families and preserving natural resources.

VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE, AND PALM OIL-FREE: Our formulas are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA. We strictly avoid the use of any palm oil in our products.

MINIMAL, ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Our environmentally conscious packaging avoids cellophane and supports forest protection through CO2 offsetting. Crafted from recyclable paper using responsible materials and featuring eco-friendly inks and coatings. 

POWERED BY PROVENANCE: Herlum is proudly listed on Provenance, using blockchain-powered technology to uncover genuine product stories. This ensures transparent, fact-checked information, fostering trust in our sustainability initiatives.