Our Responsible Practices:

At Herlum, sustainability means existing in the present without compromising our future. 

We follow the principle of the circular economy: all of the materials and components in our products are designed to be reinvented again and again.

UPCYCLED FLOWERS: We repurpose floral waste from the perfume-making process to create our signature scent. This is obtained through an enzymatic process that requires mild processing with salt and water – a more environmentally friendly way to develop new raw materials for fragrance use.
RECYCLED OCEAN-BOUND BOTTLES: Our bottles are manufactured in Britain using sustainably sourced material from Central America, the Caribbean, South America, the South Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa. This approach prevents plastic pollution reaching our oceans, cleans up existing waste, and encourages micro-entrepreneurship in developing countries.
RECYCLABLE PUMP: The dispensing pump used in our products is 100% recyclable, as confirmed by independent recycling specialists. 

ETHICALLY-SOURCED INGREDIENTS: We work with the leading provider of  natural and pure ingredients ethically sourced from the Amazon rainforest. Known and valued worldwide as a reference for sustainable development, our trusted supplier works closely with local communities, promoting alternative sources of income that have improved the lives of more than 2,500 families, while also preserving natural resources. 

SUSTAINABLE MURUMURU BUTTER: Rich in lauric acid and highly moisturising for the skin, the butter is extracted from the nuts from the Murumuru tree throughout the Brazilian Amazon region, where they are collected and harvested by local communities. Using Murumuru nuts as a source of income saves these areas from deforestation, and creates a positive economic and environmental impact.

REGENERATIVE BISABOLOL: Proven to be an effective antibacterial natural product, bisabolol is obtained from the fractional distillation of the essential oil derived from a native Brazilian tree called Candeia. It has a socially and environmentally positive impact, generating income for rural producers and helping to recover degraded forests. 

100% PALM OIL FREE: We never use palm oil of any kind in our products. We source sustainable alternatives, such as a gentle, non-drying surfactant obtained from coconut and an emulsifier derived from sunflower oil and sugar beet. These alternative ingredients allow us to create pleasing, effective formulas without compromising on quality or sustainability. 


CARBON BALANCED BY THE WORLD LAND TRUST: We offset the amount of CO2 used to make our candles’ packaging by protecting tropical forests through the World Land Trust, a UK registered charity. 

MINIMAL, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Rather than use silk-screening, our simple designs are finished with adhesive labels. This preserves the value of our plastic and glass containers, allowing them to be easily reused and recycled. Our candles’ paper materials are fully recyclable, FSC certified, and their printing process uses vegetable-based inks.