The Power of Copa Dew: Discover the Ingredients & Benefits

Say hello to Copa Dew, where the finest Amazonian and global ingredients come together to create a versatile oil that nourishes and restores. Here, we will explore the key ingredients behind Copa Dew and the remarkable benefits they bring to your bodycare, skincare and haircare routines. Get ready to discover the natural wonders of Copaiba oil, Buriti oil, Passion fruit oil, British blackcurrant oil, Rosehip oil, and Squalane.

Copaiba Oil: Healing Wisdom from Brazil

Copaiba (co-pie-ba) oil takes centre stage in Copa Dew, drawing on the rich healing traditions of Brazil. Derived from the resin of the copaiba tree, this oil has been used for thousands of years to promote wound healing, provide pain relief, and combat various infections. Its use was originated by observing animals in the Amazon rainforest – who would rub themselves against the trunk of the copaiba tree, to soothe and accelerate healing! Inspired by nature, Copa Dew incorporates this remarkable ingredient to soothe and accelerate the healing process. 

Buriti Oil: Aka The Amazon's Superfood for Your Skin

Hailing from the Amazon rainforest, Buriti (bur-ee-chee) oil is often hailed as the superfood of skincare. Bursting with vitamin A, E, Omega 9, and antioxidants, it works wonders for improving skin firmness and radiance. Copa Dew harnesses the power of Buriti oil to replenish and revitalize your skin, unveiling a natural glow that radiates from within. 

Rosehip Oil: Brightening and Balancing Beauty  

Renowned for its brightening and balancing properties, rosehip oil takes your skincare journey to new heights. Copa Dew incorporates this natural gem, supporting skin elasticity, improving uneven skin tone, and promoting a youthful radiance. Indulge in the harmonious blend of Copaiba and rosehip oil for an enchanting experience.  

Squalane: Nature's Emollient for Skin and Hair 

Derived from olives, Squalane is a natural antioxidant that mimics your skin's natural oils. Its presence in Copa Dew makes it an excellent emollient for both skin and hair. By providing deep hydration and locking in moisture, Squalane ensures that your skin and hair stay supple, nourished, and protected. 

Passion Fruit Oil: A Calming Oasis for Your Skin

Passion fruit oil brings a calm and soothing touch to Copa Dew. Packed with potent anti-inflammatory properties and enriched with vitamins A, E, C, Omega 6, Omega 9, calcium, and phosphorus, this oil helps to alleviate inflammation, promote skin repair, and protect against environmental stressors. Experience the gentle embrace of passion fruit oil as it nurtures your skin. 

British Blackcurrant Oil: A Burst of Vitamin C and Antioxidants 

Harnessing the power of nature sustainably, Copa Dew includes British blackcurrant oil as a key ingredient. Collected as a by-product of the fruit processing business, this oil boasts remarkable levels of vitamin C, surpassing even the citrus fruits. Laden with antioxidants, it aids in combating free radicals, revitalizing your skin, and unveiling a radiant complexion. 

Copa Dew: Pure, Potent, and Unique

Each ingredient in Copa Dew is carefully sourced, ensuring purity, potency, and a touch of Brazil's essence. The unique combination of Copaiba oil, Buriti oil, Passion fruit oil, British blackcurrant oil, Rosehip oil, and Squalane work together in perfect synergy to cater to your skin's needs. Experience Copa Dew for yourself and witness the transformation. Shop now and discover the power of nature's finest ingredients.