Introducing Herlum’s Collaboration with Artist Kiki Machado

We are delighted to partner with London-based Brazilian artist Kiki Machado to create exclusive gift cards and wrapping featuring Kiki’s collage ‘Tropical Lush’, which blends vibrant hues of Brazil with the subdued tones of her London home.

Discover Kiki's story, how motherhood inspires her art and how she started her collage journey with materials from the Harry Potter movies that would otherwise be discarded.

Can you share a bit about yourself and your artistic journey?

I was raised in Brazil in a family of artists, mother and both grandmothers. After studying Graphic Design at university, my interests expanded to fashion accessories made from recycled materials. A project I created for my graduation received acclaim and was exhibited nationally. Upon relocating to London, I worked in the fashion industry for a few years but gradually transitioned into freelance work (when I became a mother), and started working at the design department at the Harry Potter movies. There, I incorporated leftover materials which would otherwise go to waste, and turned into mixed-media collages. This hobby-turned-passion led to representation by a gallery in Rio, marking the start of my full-time career as an artist.

In what ways do you believe your artistic process, particularly the use of discarded materials, can inspire individuals to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily lives?

We cannot ignore the impact of the amount of waste we produce every day. This subject was already relevant 30 years ago when I started university. We need to understand that when we discard our rubbish, it stays on the same planet that we breathe from - it doesn’t miraculously disappear! So reducing, reusing, and recycling should be our mantra.

How does the experience of motherhood influence or inspire your artwork?

Motherhood awakens us to a universal force. For me, it makes me more generous and grounded, striving to become a better version of myself. Similarly, in my art, I aim to elevate the materials I use, seeking out colours, patterns, and images from old magazines that can be repurposed. I find joy in connecting these elements, weaving together layers of stories, emotions, and experiences, much like our lives.

Conversely, in what ways does your artwork or creative process inspire or influence your experience of motherhood?

Raising two daughters, aged 19 and 10, my artwork's fusion of Brazilian vibrancy with British tradition often inspires them. While paper is my primary medium, I've recently delved into mixed media using discarded fabrics, sparking an interest in sewing, particularly for my eldest. Creativity is inherent in our household, intertwined with nature walks and artistic observation. 

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re excited about and would like to share? 

Absolutely! I've been facilitating art workshops for refugees as part of a welcoming program funded by our local council, aiming to create a model that can be replicated elsewhere in the UK. I'm also involved in a local art collective that hosts group exhibitions, including an upcoming Art Trail in May. Additionally, I'm launching a Print on Demand e-commerce venture with a friend, keeping busy while staying true to my sustainability and giving-back passions.

As a busy artist and mother, what are some self-care practices or tips that you find helpful in maintaining balance and inspiration in your life? 

Exercise is my top self-care ritual; at 50, I'm fitter than ever. I blend yoga, Pilates, and spinning into my routine, dedicating an hour daily. Cultivating friendships and family time are essential, making our home a lively hub. Prioritising gym sessions and socialising energises me, turning obligations into joys.  

Lastly, do you have a favourite product from Herlum, and if so, what makes it special to you?

I adore the hand cream, it is the best smell ever! It takes me back to Brazil every time. 😃 

Printed on recycled paper, Kiki's collage 'Tropical Lush' in our complimentary gift card and wrapping captures the essence of Brazil, blending vibrant hues with London's charm. To add them to your order, simply go to your chosen product page and click on ‘Is this a gift?’ before checkout. If you have any questions with your order, email us at hello@herlum.co.uk and we’ll be delighted to assist you.